Welcome! It's time to revive the remakes corner! Before we go ahead I'd like to clarify something: I'm not a big fan of stealing other artist's music, let alone claim it my own. Personally I like to differ between "Remakes" and "Remixes" the following way: A "Remix" to me is a song that is being modified, manipulated, added-on to or otherwise altered using original sound-material, like a lot of the junk you get to hear on the radio all the time .. whereas a "Remake" is an entirely new production that does not rely on original source material. At least that's what my "Remakes" are. When I remake a song I do everything from scratch, purely by listening to the original and then replicate it note by note from what I remember in my head, so no samples, no voices - not a single piece of audio material from the original is used. That makes it truly my own piece of work, something that is only 'based' on an original song without stealing from it. Of course this will always be entirely free and not for profit. All copyright remains with the original composers. That being said, here's some of the tunes I enjoyed remaking! 🙂

Budokan Medley (05:01)
16th October 2014
Descent Remastered by SunSpire  
Rodland Remastered by SunSpire  

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