I write original music for games! You can ask me to make music for your game, too! It is something I would like to expand upon over time and so this page has been created with the intention to present the projects I was or am currently involved in.

When you suddenly become a game’s publisher

In summer 2016, I unexpectedly obtained the publishing rights to a small, child-friendly Windows & Linux platform game that bears the title ‘Sol’, for which I scored the soundtrack and created the sound effects. The game was entirely designed and coded by one person, Javier ‘Sik’ Degirolmo, from Argentina. Quite an achievement, I must say! When the parent company AzuraSun disappeared earlier this year, the rights to the game, its source code and all communication channels were passed on to SunSpire Records, so that I could arrange for a re-release in the future. And while I am not a coder myself, I am excited to announce that I am currently trying to get Sol released on physical media – e.g. either CD or DVD! And of course, the soundtrack will also be included as a bonus!

Music for non-commercial fan projects

Last-Out is a remake of the famous Rainbow Arts classic Amiga shoot ’em up game Z-Out for Windows 7, 8 and 10, coded by Christophe ‘Aligarion’ Simon and with music by myself, SunSpire. My soundtrack is a complete rewrite of the original Amiga scores by Rudolf Stember, featuring extensive multichannel audio as opposed to the classic 4 channel tracker modules, which are also included in the game. A new game mode with an added health bar has been introduced and various graphical advances such as parallax scrolling. Fully playable and available as a free download, the game is still in development.

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