Next to trying my best to be a creative person, I also enjoy supporting other creative minds with their artistic endeavors – in particular by working as a voluntary Demoscene party organizer to create an annual event where people from around the globe can meet up, make friends and share their latest ideas. Together with two very good friends, Arvenius and Sentcool, I founded “Nordlicht Demoparty” in 2012. We celebrated our 5th Anniversary in July 2016. The success of the party originates from the huge team effort put in by all organizers and visitors alike as well as the support from various scene-related companies. And of course we also heavily draw our inspiration from other established Demoscene parties around the world.

The next Nordlicht Online streaming event will take place on Saturday, 10th October’20 at 20:00 CEST, on TWITCH. Click the image to reach the party website.

Nordlicht 2016 Demoparty

(Logo GFX design by: Alien / PDX)

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