More signs of life!

After more than a year without any significant site updates (because I was either too busy or lazy or both), I am slowly bringing this place back to life. Some of you may recall that my former domain ‘sunspire-records dot com’ was lost when my former domain provider’s company I had been registered at for over ten years suddenly folded and left no trace on the web. In an attempt to recover my domain, and have it transferred elsewhere, it was ultimately lost and hijacked by another third-party company who is now charging a ridiculous sum of money for it. It was time to move on, and I found my new home at ‘sunspire dot audio’, which is a much cooler domain anyhow! However I kept my independent label’s name intact, it is still known as ‘SunSpire Records’ and will be in the foreseeable future. Besides hosting all of my track and album releases, the label is also used as the backbone identity for the ongoing Nordlicht series of Demoscene Parties which some of my friends and I are organizing each year.

Some stuff that is happening in the real life: I have successfully finished my Abitur in June this year and I am now studying Music Science as well as English Speaking Cultures and Language at the University of Bremen, something I would have been unable to imagine only half a year ago! Crazy! It is like I started a totally different chapter in my life yet again and it is both thrilling and worrying at the same time. There are of course a lot of cool new people to meet, although I could not help feeling lost every now and then when I become aware that over two third of all students seem to be over ten years younger than myself. And I miss talking to friends who I had not been in touch with apart from the occasional “Hi!” ever since I left the UK in 2010. It would actually be super nice to hear more from you guys again, seriously! I mean, not just on a boring FB status page but actual words in a real conversation!

To summarize the above: Although the site has been in a poor state for a long time, a lot of work actually happened behind the curtains and I am now finally pushing out more news to give you something exciting to look forward to again. Want proof? Take a look at my shiny new album releases, for instance!

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